June Notice:
Due to current university commitments, all orders placed between [7-20th June 2021] will be held back and shipped the following Monday - [Monday 21st June 2021]. Apologies for any inconvenice this may cause!

June - New Stock:

Hercules Rhino Beetle - (Dynastes hercules) [L1/L2/L3]
Elephant Rhino Beetle - (Megasoma typhon) [L2]
Japanese Rhino Beetle - (Trypoxylus tsunobosonus) [L1/L2/L3]

Rainbow Stag Beetle - (Phalacrognathus muelleri) [L2/L3]

Snake Tongue Flower Beetle - (Mecynorrhina harrisi) [L1]
"Pure Blue" Giant Flower Beetle - (Mecynorrhina ugandensis "Pure Blue") [L2/L3]
Savage Flower Beetle - (Mecynorrhina savagei) [L2/L3]
Painted Flower Beetle - (Pachnoda aemula) [adults]
Yellow Flower Beetle - (Pachnoda sinuata) [L1/L2/adults]
Jewel Flower Beetle - (Protaetia aeruginosa) [L1/L2]
Rainbow Flower Beelte - (Stephanorrhina julia) [L1/L2/adults]

Winter Notice:
All mainland UK orders of live larvae/adults will come with a complimentary heatpack when night time temperatures are forecasted to drop below 5C.