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Larvae - Rex Rhino Beetle, (Megasoma rex)

Larvae - Rex Rhino Beetle, (Megasoma rex)

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Common name - Rex Rhino Beetle
Scientific name - Megasoma rex (actaeon)

The listing is for 1x beetle larva, of a MONSTROUS rhinoceros beetle species that holds the record for being the heaviest insect in the world.

These are CAPTIVE BRED in my collection, with the stock originating from Peru. This listing is for the larger Peruvian stock - M. rex - which is distinct from the smaller, French Guianan stock - M. actaeon -, which is native to the opposite end of the continent.

This species from the Western locality (Peru) is geographically isolated from the Eastern locality (French Guiana) and shows morphological differences such as a much larger adult size and longer horns. This Western species has historically been grouped with the Eastern species - Megasoma actaeon -, but was reclassified as its own species - Megasoma rex - in 2018.

Species in the Megasoma genus are one of the largest group of rhino beetles, and the larvae of this particular species holds the world record for insect weight at up to 230g, which is almost equivalent to 10 Roborovski hamsters.

The adult beetles feed on a variety of fruits such as banana, apple, pear, peach and watermelon. The larvae feed on decaying wood and leaf litter.

Beetle Larvae Care Sheet:

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