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Beetle Breeding Substrate – Flake Soil

Beetle Breeding Substrate – Flake Soil

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Beetle Breeding Flake Soil Substrate

This listing is for Flake Soil, which is a popularly used substrate for animals that require decaying wood in thier diet. This is my original recipe that I created over 10 years ago, for which I also released a recipe back in 2020. My recipe has since been used by hobbyists worldwide to create their own versions of flake soil, and what it essentially is is a nutrient-rich substrate that has been produced by fermenting wood. The fermenting process breaks down the tough lignin found in wood, exposing the cellulose that arthropods require. 

"Flake Soil" is the term for beetle substrate that has been used by professional breeders in Japan to breed large adults for the past 20 years. This high quality substrate is suitable for feeding grubs, and can also be used as breeding substrate for egg laying of rhino/stag/flower beetles. Flake Soil can also be used to feed other invertebrates that feed on decaying material, such as isopods and millipedes.

My Flake Soil is made from sterilised oak sawdust that has been artificially fermented my machine, with growth additives such as wheat bran, soy protein, trehalose, chitosan and larval gut bacteria. This is fermented at high temperatures for 1 month with mechanical mixing until the colour of the wood darkens, when it becomes ready to use.

This Flake Soil base is PURE oak sawdust, and does NOT contain toxic coco peat/coco husk which possesses no nutritional value for beetle larvae and causes an imbalance in the microbial content for the larvae due to the high salt and mineral content.

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