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  • Protein Additives - Veggie Pellets, (42% protein) - Richard’s Inverts
  • Protein Additives - Veggie Pellets, (42% protein) - Richard’s Inverts

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⨂ Protein Additives - Veggie Pellets, (42% protein)

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High-Protein Veggie Pellets - 10g (approx 30 pellets)


This listing is for 10g of protein pellets (42% protein content) which can be added to the substrate as extra protein supplements for beetle larvae, to promote faster larval growth and a larger adult size.

Protein pellets can be fed to larvae of many of the larger species beetles once they reach the final L3 stage. As a guide, I give 1 veggie pellet every week per L3 larva of larger species such as Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis. Therefore, 10g (30 pellets) will be enough to support one larva for 30 weeks, or a group of 10x larvae for just under a month.  *Do not add excessive amounts of protein pellets to the substrate as any that they cannot eat in time will mould over and rot. Less is always better in this case.*

These vegetable-based protein pellets are taken especially well by the larvae of species that may not eat animal-based protein pellets as readily. Thes An advantage of these veggie pellets over regular protein pellets is that they mould less often and less severely.

I have trialled-and-errored many different brands and varieties of protein pellets over the years, and I have had very good results with the protein pellets I have for sale here. They are a good source of extra protein for Flower Beetles (Cetoniinae), Rhino Beetles (Dynastinae) and Stag Beetles (Lucanidae). Protein additives are also necessary when raising larvae of certain species like Goliath Beetles (Goliathus spp.) that have to feed on a high-protein diet to gain weight.

The use of dog food as protein additives are promoted by some people, but the disadvantage of using dog food is that they tend to rot very quickly, be quite smelly, and contain a low percentage of protein (~20%), making them less ideal.


Crude protein - 42.0%
Crude fat - 4.0%
Crude fibre - 5.0%


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