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⨂ Larvae - Chromium Stag Beetle, (Cyclommatus speciosus)

⨂ Larvae - Chromium Stag Beetle, (Cyclommatus speciosus)

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Common name - Chromium Stag Beetle
Scientific name - Cyclommatus speciosus anepisus

The listing is for 1x beetle larva, of a metallic, monstrous looking species of Stag Beetle from The Solomon Islands. This species possess disproportionately huge heads and mandibles that shine brilliantly in iridescent green hues. This is a RARE species of Stag Beetle that is being offered for sale for the first time ever in the UK.

This species is very easy to breed and has the fastest development time out of all the stag beetle species kept in the hobby, at 4-6 months from egg to adult (most take 1-2 years).

This stock locality is from Vella Lavella Island, which is genetically different from the Malaita Island locality and should therefore not be cross-bred with one another. The Vella Lavella stock differs morphologically/visually from the Malaita stock in possessing more aggressive-looking mandibles, and lacking yellow highlights on their femurs.

These are CAPTIVE BRED in my collection, with this stock originating from Vella Lavella Island, part of the Solomon Islands.

The adult beetles feed on a variety of fruits such as banana, apple, pear, peach and watermelon. The larvae feed on decaying wood.

Beetle Larvae Care Sheet:

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