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Shiro Utsuri Isopod, (Cubaris sp. "Shiro Utsuri")

Shiro Utsuri Isopod, (Cubaris sp. "Shiro Utsuri")

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Common name - Shiro Utsuri Isopod
Scientific name - Cubaris sp. "Shiro Utsuri"

The listing is for 1x animal, of a beginner-species of isopod (rolypoly/pillbug/woodlice) that is popularly kept due to its translucent, white body that is adorned with patches of contrasting, black markings.

This species was originally distributed in the isopod hobby as Cubaris sp. "Shiro Utsuri" before they were tentatively identified as Nesodillo archangelii by a hobbyist in 2021.

This is a pedigree called "Shiro Utsuri", named after a koi pedigree of the same name. "Shiro Utsuri" is Japanese and it roughly translates to "white reflections" in English. This pedigree has been selectively bred for a mutation that makes their bodies white, whereas the original, wild-type colouration is a grey/brown colour.

These are CAPTIVE BRED, with this stock originating from South Taiwan, Asia. When a group is purchased, the isopods sent will be an assorted mixture of ages and sizes, to ensure a good start to a breeding colony.

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