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Electric Blue Isopod, (Cubaris sp. "Electric Blue")

Electric Blue Isopod, (Cubaris sp. "Electric Blue")

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Common name - Electric Blue Isopod
Scientific name - Cubaris sp. "Electric Blue/Electric Spark"

Care Parameters:
- Temperature: 18-26 °C
- Humidity: high
- Ventilation/Airflow: high
- Difficulty: high

First bred in the UK by me in 2023 originally from a goup of 10, I can finally offer surplus offspring in small quantities.

The listing is for 1x animal, of a RARE species of isopod (woodlouse/roly poly/pillbug) that is famous for its purplish-blue colouration. As juveniles, the blue hues are very minimal, but strengthens as they age. This species has been begun to be distributed under a different name of *C. sp. "Electric Spark"* by some importers in the UK as of 2024.

These are CAPTIVE BRED in my collection, with this stock originating from Guangxi, China. When a group is purchased, the isopods sent will be an assorted mixture of ages and sizes, to ensure a good start to a breeding colony.

The isopods feed on a variety of forest materials such as decaying wood and leaf litter. Additional supplements such as calcium (limestone/cuttlefish bone) and fish food should be offered as part of their balanced diet.

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*Disclaimer: These isopods are non-poisonous and pose no harm when treated with gentle care, aligning with our commitment to the welfare of all living beings.*

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