Terms & Conditions

By placing an order, you agree to have read the T&C thoroughly, and that you accept them.


1. Orders are shipped entirely at the customer's own risk (detailed in no. 5 & 6).

2. Orders are shipped once a week on Mondays, and will include all orders made by 6pm (GMT) on Sunday. The tracking number will be provided once the package is sent, if it is applicable for the shipping method selected.

3. Before you place your order, ensure that the stock is legal to import into your country. We do not accept responsibility if the parcel is stopped at customs when you place an order without the required permits.

Shipping Methods:

4. UK - Eggs are shipped using "RM 1st Class" (1-2 days w/o tracking).
Live animals are shipped using "RM Special Delivery", which aims to deliver the following day before 1pm (w/ tracking).

5. Worldwide - Eggs are shipped using a regular service (7-28 days).
Live animals are shipped using registered service, which aims to deliver in 5-14 days depending on the destination. *currently there are severe delays due to the pandemic which has affected delivery times*

Live Arrival of Stock

6. UK
- If stock arrives DOA to a UK address, we will fully refund the value of the dead stock, provided that proof of death is sent in a form of a photograph/video to the email - [email protected] - within 24 hours of delivery.
- The shipping cost will not be included in the refund as we have no control over the stock in transit once handed over to the delivery partner.

7. Worldwide
- The conditions during shipment are out of our control so international shipping of stock is done entirely at the customer’s risk.
- If stock arrives DOA to any address outside the UK, we will not accept responsibility for refunding the value of the dead stock, nor the shipping cost, as we have no control over the stock in transit once handed over to the delivery partner.
- We will also not accept any responsibility for other issues that may arise during transit, such as confiscation by customs, or any other problems related to the shipment.
- Buyers from outside the UK must accept all risks when placing an order, and the placing of an order is accepted as being made on these terms.
- Due to the reason listed in paragraphs above, no refunds nor exceptions will be made for international orders.

Seasonal Shipping Conditions

8. Please keep the temperature of the destination country in mind when ordering. If it is currently winter in the destination country and the night-time temperatures are near freezing (40F/5C), it is advisable to wait until the weather warms back up in spring before placing an order. As stated in section 7, all international orders will be at the buyer's own risk and no refunds will be made if any problems arise with the shipment.

9. Orders placed on Christmas week will be sent the following week as the post office is closed. UK orders of live larvae/adults placed when the temps are below 5C will always include a complimentary 24h heat pack.

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