⨂ Eggs - Prickly Stick Insect, (Extatosoma tiaratum)

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10 Eggs

Common name - Prickly Stick Insect
Scientific name - Extatosoma tiaratum

These are captive bred in my collection and this is a popularly kept species of beginner stick insect that feeds on leaves of bramble, raspberry, oak, eucalyptus, etc.

A very popular species due to their large size and cryptic body that helps them to blend in with the vegetation in the wild. Depending on the conditions the nymphs are kept in, they can adopt a variety of different morphs such as a black + white lichen morph (quite rare), a green morph, a common brown morph, etc.

The eggs come from females of a mixture of different morphs (photo 2). To recreate the lichen morph specifically with these eggs, the hatchlings will require lichen & bright light in their enclosure to increase the chances of them adopting the lichen morph gradually as they shed their skin and become older. Without these prompts, the next generation will revert to the common brown morph (photo 5) or adopt the green morph (photo 3).

When feeling threatened, females will curl their abdomen up to mimic the pose of a scorpion with its sting up. These are however completely harmless and easy to handle.

Stick Insect Egg Incubation Guide:

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